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The 3 Bucket Method for Asset Protection

Proven system

The 3 Bucket Method for Asset Protection is a proven system, that helps you reveal the magnitude of your risk exposure, distinguishes business opportunities and identifies how to strategically separate risk into "three buckets".

Advice from an expert

Written by Texas Board-Certified Estate Planning and Probate attorney, Joseph Michael Dickerson, he has helped hundreds of clients overcome & more importantly prevent business catastrophe for nearly 25 years with a solid record of client success.

Actionable Information

It isn't enough to just learn from a book. Mr. Dickerson and the team at The J.M. Dickerson Law Firm will help you also do what it takes to protect your business and assets for generations to come. This book can help anyone who wants to protect what they have worked so hard for.

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Author & Attorney, Joseph Michael Dickerson

“ From the moment we got on the phone I know he was the man for the job. His knowledge on law is above the rest and we were also able to handle everything though email. After the great business I discovered that he is a person of service. He involvement in the community is awesome. He is now our company’s go to law firm and we recommend them 110%.”

-Stan Medina, Certified Collision Works, Corpus Christi TX

“ Highly recommended. I am a Houston area divorce attorney I have known Joseph for some time. Joseph is a skilled and well-respected attorney in his legal community. I am very impressed with how professional and knowledgeable he is. We belong to the same professional organization which strives to increase our knowledge and improve us as attorneys. If you wish to retain a knowledgeable 5-star attorney who is capable of effectively representing your legal interest, then you need look no further. I would gladly recommend Joseph to my clients or anyone wrestling with Estate Planning issues in Texas. Anyone who hires him has made a great choice.”

-Bryan Fagan, The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, Houston TX

“ I have known Michael since 1993. He is a man of the highest order; his integrity, ethics and honesty are above reproach. Michael has an incredibly sharp mind coupled with an understanding of people, and applies his extensive experience to help those people resolve real-world challenges. I am a better attorney, and a better man, for knowing Michael Dickerson. He has my wholehearted endorsement and respect.”

-Dan Mabery, Attorney at Haynes & Boone LLC, Addison TX

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Yes, there is!

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